Sunday, April 10, 2005

Skeptical Eye, Volume 17-1 2005

  • April Anti-Fools Special Event Recap
    Jamy Ian Swiss, magician: "The Honest Liar";
    Todd Robbins, sideshow historian and performer;
    James Taylor, sideshow historian/curator;
    Brian Morton, Baltimore City Paper columnist and magician;
    Dr. Eileen Abels, University of MD, Information Studies
  • Pres Sez: Purpose Drives Function, Gary Stone
  • Movie Review: War of the Worlds, John Weigel
  • Imaginary Companions, Marie-Elise Gates, UMD Honors Student
  • Early Origins of Psychic Research, Richard Dengrove
  • More Than Skin Deep, Sonia Belasco, UMD Honors Student
  • Letter: Use of Graphology in hiring by Pilot Pen Company, Marv Zelkowitz
  • Letter: NCAS Mourns the Passing of Phil Klass, Gary Stone
  • Letter: To the Producers of “ABC News: The UFO Phenomenon— Seeing Is Believing”, Scott Snell