Thursday, April 12, 2007

Skeptical Eye, Volume 19-1 2007

  • Michael Shermer Given First Klass Award Oct 12, 2006
  • Coming Events:
    • March 18 NCAS 20th Anniversary Meeting, with Speaker James Randi
    • Monthly Meeting Dates and Locations
  • Prez Sez: NCAS Purpose, Goals and Projects, Gary Stone
  • Why Darwin Matters, Neil Inglis Reviews Michael Shermer's Book
  • A Neurobiology of Sensitivity? Michael Jawar
  • Della Porta, Richard Dengrove
  • Germ Frenzy, Karl Roberts, Ph.D.
  • Where Is The Line Between Researchers & Revolutionaries?, by Ye. D. Eydel’man, translated by Gary Goldberg
  • The Write Stuff: Sorting Fact From Garbage, Fred Kourmadas