Thursday, May 30, 2013

May 30 - How To Be a Psychic! (A Free, Interactive Event)

A “Celebration” of the Techniques of Sylvia Browne and other Psychic Entertainers

Presented by the Independent Investigations Group of D.C., the National Capital Area Skeptics and Center for Inquiry D.C.

On Thursday, May 30, “psychic” Sylvia Browne will be appearing at The Birchmere to present “An Evening of Insights and Live Readings.” The IIG, NCAS and CFI will also be presenting an evening of insights and live readings that same night at Busboys and Poets in Shirlington, VA from 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm (4251 Campbell Avenue, Arlington, Virginia [map]). Sylvia's show costs $55 to observe and $99 if you want to ask her a question. Our event is even easier to get to than Sylvia’s, within walking distance of the Shirlington Village Bus Station, and best of all it’s FREE! Sound intriguing? Read on!

"How to Be a Psychic" will be two hours of fun and amazing (to some) social interactions where you might discover that you have hitherto unknown psychic powers - or that you're just reasonably OK at cold reading. Learn from a completely non-professional psychic instructor some of the same techniques that have given certain high profile entertainers lengthy careers and SERIOUS incomes. After a brief period of instruction, you'll have a chance to try out our new-found talents on others at the event. Then they'll have a chance to read you! And all for $99 less than what Sylvia Browne would charge you!

We also plan to show some video clips "honoring" Sylvia Browne and others like her, plus give every attendee their own "Psychic Bingo Card." And of course, you may enjoy whatever libations Busboys and Poets has available (not included in the cost of the event - which, did I mention, is FREE?).

Space for this event is limited, so if you plan on attending, PLEASE let us know by sending a message to

For more information about cold reading, including our Psychic Reading Bingo Card, visit

IMPORTANT!: We don't want this event just to be "preaching to the choir." If you have a friend who is genuinely curious about those who claim to have psychic or clairvoyant powers, PLEASE bring them with you! (We promise we won't preach at them.)

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