Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Shadow of a Doubt - October 2017

The Monthly Calendar of the National Capital Area Skeptics

  • October 14 lecture- Bruce Press - The Science of Fake News
  • November 4 lecture - Professor Daniele Podini - Familial DNA Searching in Criminal Investigations
  • Happy Friday the 13th!
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NCAS Public Lecture Series

The Science of Fake News

Bruce Press

Saturday, October 14, 1:30pm - 4:00pm
Bethesda-Chevy Chase Regional Services Center
2nd Floor (West Room)
4805 Edgemoor Lane
Bethesda, MD [map] [directions]
FREE admission – Everyone welcome, members and non-members

Fake News comes in many guises. Propaganda, mistakes, overly broad generalizations, conspiracy theories, counter-intelligence, politically motivated reasoning, outright lies and more...  Like you, Bruce Press has recognized the existence of "Fake News" for a long time but his comprehension of the serious impact it has on society began to crystallize while researching conspiracy theories a few years ago.

"Fake News" has, seemingly, become a fundamental part of the U.S. media landscape in just the last couple of years. However, as many of you know, it has been there with less fanfare for a very long time. Examples come from both obvious and surprising sources with new ones every day. This talk will attempt to go beyond the recognition of specific instances to the science of how they impact individuals and society.

Lightly touching on a broad range of subjects from memory and cognition to biases and social media will set up a discussion on how we can better interact with the modern media landscape.

While currently in a second career as a photographer, Bruce Press spent almost thirty years as an engineer and software developer. His involvement with the skeptical community began more than a decade ago. Since then he has helped to organize investigative groups, skeptical conferences and co-created a skeptical monthly meetup in Baltimore for years. He has researched and spoken on various topics of interest to skeptics in a number of public venues.

Refreshments and socializing after the talk.


November NCAS Lecture
Our speaker will be Professor Daniele Podini of the Department of Forensic Sciences at George Washington University.  He will present "Familial DNA Searching in Criminal Investigations."  Saturday, November 4 at 1:30 PM at Argosy University, 1550 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 712, Arlington, VA.

Happy Friday the 13th!
NCAS has no events planned for Friday, October 13, but encourages our members to celebrate the silliness of superstition responsibly.  Wear eye protection if you smash a mirror, be careful when walking under a ladder, etc!

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