Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Am I a “Competent Witness?”January 27, 2024, 1:30pm (On YouTube)

Presented by Steve Lundquist. Retired US Air Force Pilot

Presented via NCAS's You Tube Channel:


"Reliable Witnesses" are a favorite source for credulous reports of just about anything. Because these people have such impressive credentials, the thought of them being incorrect is just hard to wrap your mind around. But even someone who should know better is still subject to all the foibles of being human.

Steve Lundquist is in the Aerospace Defense industry working as a leader in the Program Management Office. He is a retired Air Force pilot, and still flies today. He is actively involved in the skeptical community as an advocate for critical thinking and scientific skepticism. He has been active with the Granite State Skeptics, New York City Skeptics, and the Northeast Conference for Science and Skepticism. He practices everyday skepticism by infusing it into his work and other organizations such as Toastmasters.

Steve Lundquist