Wednesday, February 06, 2002

Skeptical Eye, Volume 14-1 2002

  • Wayne Jonas on Alternative Medicine
  • Recommended Reading
  • Quantum Leaps in the Wrong Direction, a book review by WalterRowe
  • The Write Stuff: 
    • Fred Kourmadas' letter, 'Intelligent Design' --  Not!;
    • Tim Scanlon's letter regarding Washington State Board of Education Accrediting College of Astrology & Reply
    • Jim Giglio's letter to WETA objecting to repeated appearances by Gary Null during pledge weeks.
    • Paul Jaffe's letter, during the anthrax scare when, commending NCCAM Director, Stephen Straus, for unequivocally reporting to a U.S. Congressional committee that no procedure from the world of Complementary and Alternative Medicine is of proven effectiveness against anthrax.
  • Therapeutic Touch, a book review by Eugene Ossa
  • Skeptics Workshop 2002: Beyond the Basics, with James Randi and Bob Park
  • The Flying Saucer’s 18th Century Precursors, by Richard Dengrove
  • Media Notes: "Skeptical Mind is a Sound Mind", Silver Spring Gazette, 
  • Feb 6, 2002, discusses 1987 formation and current activities of NCAS