Thursday, April 10, 2003

Skeptical Eye, Volume 15-1 2003

  • The Psychology of Psychic Readings: Theory, Practice & Showbiz of Talking to the Dead, Ray Hyman, Helen Hester-Ossa
  • Modern Dowsing, James Randi, Helen Hester-Ossa
  • Seven Warning Signs of Voodoo Science, Bob Park, Helen Hester-Ossa
  • Chiropractic Psychosis, and Quackery in Chiropractic, Frederick Kourmadas, Helen Hester-Ossa
  • Complaint to Fox News: For insinuating the Apollo Moon Landings were faked, Gary Stone
  • Prez Sez Past: Paul Jaffe
  • Prez Sez Present: Chip Denman