Friday, May 25, 2012

NCAS at Balticon

The Maryland Regional Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention, otherwise known as Balticon, will take place Memorial Day Weekend May 25-28, 2012 at the Marriott Hunt Valley Inn. In addition to lots of Sci-Fi and Fantasy related events, Balticon has an extensive science track. Among the speakers this year is Dr. William D. Phillips, Jt Quantum Institute, Laureate, Nobel Prize in Physics for 1997. Complete details can be found here.

And just as we did last year, NCAS will be presenting four speakers as part of Balticon’s Skeptical Thinking track.

This year’s speakers are:

Open Wide!...or Should You? Frauds, Fallacies, and Misinformation in the Dental World."
Friday, 4:00 PM
Presenter: Michael Cornett 
Why does dentistry still seem so medieval? What about all those claims on the products at the drugstore? Are all those procedures advertised worth the money? Will my teeth really fall out because I forgot to brush once when I was twelve? There’s lots of questions about dentistry that people have, and this talk will address some of them, ranging from claims made by over-the-counter products to practices of quack dentists to whether your teeth really impact your overall health.

The UFO Invasion of Washington DC 
Sunday, 9:00 AM
Presenter: Bruce Press
It is the Summer of 1952. We are still at war in Korea. Harry Truman is President. The Cold War is in full swing and the world's eyes turn to Helsinki, Finland for the Summer Olympic Games which delivers both athletic and political drama. Here at home, the Air Force is on a round-theclock "Shoot Down" alert for UFO's and papers are running headlines like "SAUCERS SWARM OVER CAPITAL". This could be the most intriguing alternative history story you ever read, but IT REALLY HAPPENED. Join Bruce Press of the National Capital Area Skeptics (NCAS) and Independent Investigations Group Washington, DC affiliate (IIG-DC) as we re-discover the history and hype of this amazing event.

Question False Truths in Astronomy 
Sunday, 6:00 PM
Presenter: Pamela Gay
Astronomer Pamela Gay discusses the some of the false information we might encounter in popular astronomy information.

Top 10 Scams, Cons and Pseudoscience of 2012 
Monday, 9:00 AM
Presenter: Marv Zelkowitz:
Power balance? Climate change? Vaccine fraud? Phishing? Millions of dollars owed to you from Nigeria? It’s a dangerous world out there. What should you be aware of and how can you protect yourself?

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