Monday, August 18, 2008

Defining Normal: Sex and Gender Misconceptions

Oct 11, 1:30 pm
Public & FREE
-- No RSVP (Flyer)

Karen North

Bethesda Library, 7400 Arlington Rd., Bethesda, MD
(near Bethesda metro) FREE Parking (*)

Most people think that there are only two sexes, that these two sexes are easy to distinguish, and that gender is just another word for sex. None of these beliefs are true. This talk will explain the confusion, demonstrate the distinctions, and clarify the differences between Sexual Identity, Sexual Orientation, Gender Expression, and Gender Identity.

(*) Parking at the library is free, but you must enter your parking space number into a kiosk in the lobby. Parking is automatically validated for two hours -- no need to return to your car. Your parking validation is extended for two hours each time your parking space number is entered at the kiosk.

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